About ALSTEM Inc

ALSTEM, an early-stage, Bay Area-based biotechnology company with a rapidly expanding portfolio of products and services serves institutions in biopharma and academia worldwide. Inspired by the California’s commitment to stem cell research, ALSTEM was founded in 2012 by scientists with expertise in iPS cell reprogramming and genome editing technologies.

We are an extension of your research team

Our mission is to provide solutions to enable your research. With a six year track record of success in cutting edge innovations, let our expertise help you succeed. ALSTEM aims to have a superb relationship with our customers! Our scientists are here to help. Contact us today!

Our facility

ALSTEM is headquarters at the JOINN Innovation Park in the San Francisco BayArea. Our state-of-the-art facility houses full service R&D laboratories and BSL-2 lab services to support our customers’ growing needs in leveraging genome editing, virus packaging, cell immortalization, and iPS technology.

Partnership with iPS Academia Japan, Inc. 

 ALSTEM provides iPS technology under its license with iPS Academia Japan. The alliance allows us to utilize the iPSC patent portfolio based on the discoveries of Dr. Shinya Yamanaka. Our dedicated focus to iPSC-related technologies makes ALSTEM a leader and trusted partner in the induced pluripotent stem cell marketplace.

Why choose ALSTEM?

We don’t over complicate the process of fulfilling customer needs. Our accessible scientists bring an agile mindset to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We become an extension of our customers’ lab, and take a pride of ownership in our contribution toward mutual success.