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Scientist - Stem Cell Biology

Job Description






Employing a variety of cell culture and gene deliver techniques, the Scientist will lead the expansion of our existing contract service capabilities and the development of new products in areas such as iPS cell lines, genome editing, and more. This is a hands-on lab-based role at the forefront of iPS cells, gene delivery, and genome editing.

Education Requirements


PhD degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, or related field

Desired Background/Skills




·        Experience in genetic modification for hiPS cells and other cell line types

·        Expertise in transfection, transduction, and electroporation

·        Working knowledge of protein purification and related areas

·        Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SnapGene, etc












·        Strong skills in cell culture techniques are required

·        Strong technical, organization, documentation, and communication skills (verbal and written) are essential. Must be able to track on-going projects, present data, and prepare reports

·        Work independently as well as able to work in a flexible, team-oriented environment

·        Knowledge/experience with aseptic technique

·        Able to work in fast paced environment

·        To maintain an awareness of current developments in the literature

·        To identify and solve problems associated with experiments



Approx. 0-5%

Job Category


Research & Development



Richmond, CA



ALSTEM, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employee

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