Excitatory Neuron Generation Kit: #iN01

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Neuronal differentiation of stem cells also offers a valuable tool to study neurogenesis in vitro, as well as human neurological disorders and drug screening. Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to functional neurons can be achieved by single defined transcription factor, such as neurogenin-2 (Ngn2). ALSTEM offers such a kit that can efficiently convert human pluripotent stem cells into functional neurons with nearly 100% yield and purity within 10 days by induced expression of a single transcription factor. This kit allows producing large-scale of human excitatory neurons for disease modeling and drug screening.
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Product Name Excitatory Neuron Generation Kit
Catalog # iN01
Size 5 x 20 µl
Shipping Dry Ice
Storage and Stability Store at -80° C (stable up to 6 months).
Quality Control The packaged lentivector constructs are provided as frozen VSV-G pseudotyped viral particles. Each lot of Excitatory Neuron Generation kit is functionally tested in human iPSCs.
Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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This kit can efficiently generate functional excitatory neurons from human pluripotent stem cells for applications in disease modeling and drug screening.