EZStem™ Human iPSC Reprogramming Medium: #MR250

Product Description

The Human iPSC Reprogramming Medium is chemically optimized for episomal vector based iPS reprogramming of human cells. EZStem™ Reprogramming Medium has been functionally validated, with ALSTEM's Episomal iPS Cell Reprogramming Kit to promote the iPSC colony formation from human foreskin fibroblasts and patient dermal fibroblasts. The iPSC clones can be further expanded and maintained in other conditions and media.


  • Optimized for episomal-based iPSC reprogramming
  • Ideal medium to increase number of iPS cell colonies
  • Completely sterile and mycoplasma-free
  • iPSC colonies can be expanded further on any other media once reprogramming is completed
Product Specifications
Product Name EZStem™ Human iPSC Reprogramming Medium
Catalog # MR250
Size 250 ml
Shipping Ambient temperature
Storage and Stability Store at 4 °C. This product is stable for 2 weeks when stored as directed.
Quality Control Human iPSC Reprogramming Medium is tested for sterility.
Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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