iPSC Reprogramming System
Reprogramming System

Episomal and Retrovirus reprogramming kits for the generation of iPS cells

Virus Production
Virus Production

Various products for virus production, precipitation, and infection enhancement  

Cell Lines
Cell lines

Human and mouse iPS cells derived from ALSTEM's episomal and retrovirus reprogramming systems

Cell Culture Kits

Various kits for high quality imaging and cell-based assays

Media / Reagents

Cell culture reagents and freezing medium optimized for human ES/iPS cells

Transfection Reagent
Transfection Reagent

Polymer-based transfection reagent for effective gene delivery, high transfection efficiency and cell viability

Growth Factors / Cytokines

Cytokines for ES/iPS cell growth and differentiation


A large panel of high quality antibodies for detecting makers on stem cells and following differentiation