Custom Cell Immortalization

Primary cells normally have a limited life span and reach senescence after a limited number of proliferation, thus scientists frequently need to re-establish fresh cultures from tissues. A possible solution to circumvent this hurdle is immortalization by genetic manipulation. Immortalized cells are derived from primary cells that surpass normal cellular senescence and acquiring the ability of continuous cell-division. Immortalized cells are highly useful for research in cell biology as they are easier to culture and maintain, have an extended replicative capacity and enable one to use the same consistent cells throughout the research project.

With years of experiences with cell line immortalization, scientists at ALSTEM have been able to successfully immortalize essentially any human and mouse cells using different immortalizing methods. If you have a primary cell culture that needs to be immortalized, our custom service is the quick and reliable service for your project. It saves you time and money over trying different genes yourself. Our custom service package already includes all different genes and you will not pay anything unless your cells are successfully immortalized. So it is risk-free and you pay only when your cell line is immortalized.

  • Method: Several methods exist for immortalizing mammalian cells in culture conditions, including recombinant lentivirus expressing SV40 T antigen and Epstein–Barr virus (EBV).
  • Guarantee: ALSTEM offers a unique 100% refund on project total in the rare case that reprogramming is not successful. This allows you to try our services risk-free.
  • Characterization: PCR analysis is performed on the transgene expression.
  • Timeline: 2-5 months depending on immortalizing method, source cells, and species.
  • Required Materials: Customer-desired cells, 2 vials of typical storage size, and indication of appropriate growth medium and conditions. If your cells require medium other than DMEM and RPMI, we will need 1-2 L of medium and any applicable growth factors from you for the project. Also, please provide coated 6-well plates and T25 flasks if the cells require specially treated culture vessels.
  • Deliverables: ALSTEM provides 5 vials (>1 x 106 cells/vial) of immortalized cells

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CS-CI01 Custom Cell Immortalization Service ~$3,500 Inquire