Custom iPSC Generation Overview

ALSTEM works as an extension of a customer’s team to provide induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming services that can be customized to fit your needs. If you don't see what you're looking for below, please don't hesitate to Contact Us so that we can provide you with your desired service.

Our stem cell scientists are experts in stem cell biology, with years of experience reprogramming somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Our experience allows us to be one of the only companies that offer iPSC reprogramming of PBMCs and isolated CD34+ cells.

ALSTEM’s iPS cell generation services include expert scientific consultation to plan your reprogramming project, fast turn-around with scheduled milestone status updates to inform you of the progress of your cells, and comprehensive advice in maintaining your reprogrammed iPS cells upon delivery to your laboratory.

  • Guarantee: ALSTEM offers a unique 100% refund on project total in the rare case that reprogramming is not successful. This allows you to try our services risk-free.
  • Required Materials: Customer-desired cells, 2 vials of typical storage size, and indication of appropriate growth medium and conditions. Currently most iPSC lines were created from fibroblast-type of primary cells; other cell types may not be appropriate using the current protocols.
  • Successfully Reprogrammed Cells: Fibroblasts, PBMCs, CD34+, LCLs
  • Deliverables: ALSTEM aims to provide 5 vials (>2 x 10^5 cells/vial) of iPSC from different colonies.
  • Timeline: 2-5 months depending on reprogramming method, source cells, and species
  • Reprogramming Methods: We offer episomal and retroviral iPSC reprogramming
  • Characterization: AP Staining and immunostaining of pluripotency markers Oct4, and TRA-1-60

Ordering Information

*Price is for the reprogramming of a single cell line. Discounts are offered for the reprogramming of multiple cell lines. Please Contact Us for a price request.
Species Cell Line Reprogramming Method Price*  
Human Fibroblast Episomal $6,000 Inquire
Human Fibroblast Retroviral $5,500 Inquire
Human PBMC Episomal $9,000 Inquire
Human PBMC Retroviral $8,750 Inquire
Human CD34+ Episomal $9,000 Inquire
Human CD34+ Retroviral $8,750 Inquire
Mouse Fibroblast Episomal/Retroviral $5,000 Inquire
Other Fibroblast Episomal/Retroviral Request Inquire

Service Customization

Catelog # Service Additional Time Price
CS-TF100 Teratoma Formation 4-8 weeks $3,200/colony
CS-EB100 Embryoid Body Formation 3-5 weeks $1,000/colony
CS-KT100 Karyotyping 1-2 weeks $750/colony
CS-CX100 Additional Characterization N/A Request