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SynFire® Co-Culture Kit (MEA): #1010-5

Product Description

SynFire® iN cells are suitable for a variety of biochemical assays. For example, the effect of compounds on neuronal survival, axonal outgrowth, or dendritic arborization can be measured by standard assessment of viability, or image-based analysis of labeled cells, respectively. When co-cultured with glial cells, effects on synapse formation and composition, transcriptional programs, and electrophysiology can be tested. Neuronal subtypes can be mixed in different ratios for making a defined co-culture for different experimental purposes.
Product Specifications
Product Name SynFire® Co-Culture Kit (MEA)
Catalog # 1010-5
Size 1 kit contains:
  • Glutamatergic Excitatory Neurons (>5x106)
  • GABAergic Inhibitory Neurons (>2.5x106)
  • Human Astroglia
  • Basal Media
  • Supplement A
  • Supplement B
  • Supplement C
Shipping Dry Ice
Storage and Stability Store in gas phase of liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt. This product is stable for 6 months when stored as directed.
Quality Control Neuronal subtype identities have been confirmed by staining and patch clamping.
Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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