Virus Protection Medium: #VF010

Virus Protection Medium can effectively preserve functional viral particles during repetitive freeze-thaw cycles. Usually, lentivirus titer drops up to 50% after one freeze-thaw cycle. By adding Virus Protection Medium to the concentrated virus stock, more than 90% of functional viral particles are preserved, even after six freeze-thaw cycles, which significantly extends the shelf life of the virus stock.

  • Ready-to-use: Simply adding Virus Protection Medium to the virus stock.
  • Long term virus storage: Enable long term virus storage over six months at -80 °C.
  • High recovery efficiency: Preserve 90% of functional titers after six freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Nontoxic: No cytotoxicity was observed.
Figure. GFP lentivirus driven by EF1α promoter was mixed with Virus Protection Medium or control PBS, and multiple aliquots were prepared and treated with different number of freeze-thaw cycles. HEK293T cells were transduced with the lentivirus frozen-thawed aliquots at MOI 0.5 and FACS analysis was performed at 48 hours post-transduction. The percentage of lentivirus titer of aliquots after freeze-thaw cycles was normalized against that of unfrozen aliquots.
Product Specifications
Product Name Virus Production Medium
Catalog # VF010
Size 100 µl (VF010) / 500 µl (VF050)
Shipping Room Temperature or Blue Ice
Storage and Stability Store at 4 °C. This product is stable for 3 months when stored as directed..
Quality Control Each lot of Virus Protection Medium is functionally tested in transduction assays using HEK293T cells.
Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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  • Procedure
The easy-to-use Viral Protection Medium can be used to prolong the shelf-life of viral particles and to maintain 90% of functional titers past six freeze-thaw cycles.