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TransPlus Virus Transduction Enhancer

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TransPlus™ Virus Transduction Enhancer is a mixture of polymers optimized for the infection of lentivirus or retrovirus to most cells. It can increase the transduction rate up to 10 fold. TransPlus is provided as a 500x solution, sufficient for 100 transductions in a 24 well plate. It is intended for retroviral or lentiviral transduction.

Product Name TransPlus Virus Transduction Enhancer
Shipping Condition Room Temperature - 2 Day Shipping
Storage and Stability This product is stable for 3 months when stored in 4 °C or 6 months if store at -20 °C.
Quality ControlEach lot of TransPlus Virus Transduction Enhancer is tested for sterility and successful increase in transduction efficiency of viral particles.
Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.