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Luciferase/tdTomato Dual-Reporter A375 Cell Line

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Luciferase catalyzes the substrate luciferin in the presence of Mg2+ and ATP, resulting in a flash of light that decays rapidly. This light can be detected by a luminometer. Luciferase from the firefly has become one of the more widely used reporter proteins for both in vitro and in vivo studies, such as, gene transcription activity assay, the noninvasive imaging of reporter gene expression, imaging cerebral strokes, and tracking genetically engineered T cells. Luciferase/tdTomato dual-reporter A375 (A375-Luc-RFP) cell line is derived from A375 cells by transduction of ALSTEM’s pLenti-SFFV-Luciferase-PGK-tdTomator-T2A-PURO Lentiviral Reporter (cat# LV452) lentivirus, which contains Firefly luciferase encoding gene driven by SFFV promoter, followed by tdTomato and puromycin resistance gene by PGK promoter. This cell line stably expresses luciferase at high level. It also expresses a red fluorescent protein (tdTomato) and is resistant to puromycin. This cell line will be a very useful cell line for non-invasive visualization in both in vitro and in vivo experiments.

Cell Line: A375

Reporters: Luciferase, RFP

Selection Marker: Puromycin

Promoter/Transgene: SSFV-Luc-PGK-TdTomato-T2A-puro

Cell Type: Pooled

Figure 1. Panel A: RFP Fluorescence. Dual-labeled A375 cell line expressing tdTomato at 90% cell confluence. The image was taken using a Nikon fluorescent microscope. Panel B: Luciferase activity. Serial dilutions of dual-labeled A375 cells were plated into a 96-well plate. The luciferase activity was tested 6 hrs later. Data are expressed as mean /- SD from duplicates of three independent experiments.
Figure 2. The lentiviral reporter vector contains luciferase gene driven by SFFV promoter, tdTomato and puromycin resistance gene by PGK promoter.
Product Name Luciferase/tdTomato Dual-Reporter A375 Cell Line
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Dry Ice - Overnight Shipping

Storage and Stability

Store in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt. This product is stable for 6 months when stored as directed.

Quality Control

Each vial contains about 1 x 106 cells with >95% viability before freezing. Each lot of cells is tested for luciferase activity, growth and viability following recovery from cryopreservation, and free of mycoplasma and competent lentivirus as well.

Restricted Use

Restricted Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.