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At Alstem, we strive to provide powerful tools for your research. Our portfolio of cell lines is composed of many induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) lines and isogenic genome-edited cell lines. Should you need cell lines that are not listed, we can generate cell lines to meet your specific needs. Click HERE to connect with our scientific team or contact us at 

Our iPSCs are genetically reprogrammed from various somatic cells (foreskin fibroblasts, mesenchymal stromal cells, etc.) by ectopic expression of OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, and MYC genes using ALSTEM episomal plasmids or retroviral transduction. iPSCs, with their self-renewing character and pluripotent ability to differentiate into cells of many lineage types, have been widely used for fundamental research, drug discovery, and clinical studies. 

Highlights of our iPSCs: 

  • Low passage and long-term viability 

  • Off the shelf convenience—simply thaw the cells and plate them onto serum-free, feeder-free culture conditions 

  • Transgene-free and Virus footprint-free (episomal lines) 

  • Homogeneity– Originate from a single iPSC clone 

  • Isogenic iPSC lines – ideal for basic research and drug discovery 

Applications include: 

  • Differentiating to various somatic cells or organoid models for phenotypic and target-based compound screening 

  • Establishing genetically modified disease models through CRISPR/Cas9 editing  

  • generating functional cells/tissues for regenerative medicine research modeling 

Restrictions: Alstem iPS Cell Lines and iPS cell-derived lines are subject to a Material Transfer Agreement and User Notice. Contact us