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Neurons are unique among cell types in their large and functionally polarized structure, post-mitotic state, and electrochemical activity. Recent progress in cell-based modeling using human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons has opened new opportunities to understand the development of the central nerve system. The human nervous system is unique in both its complexity and susceptibility to disease. Animal models often fail to accurately simulate key characteristics of human neuronal disorders. Accurate modeling of human neuronal cell biology has been a long-standing challenge. Numerous methods that use small molecules to direct iPSCs into neuronal lineages have arisen in recent years. However, these methods entail numerous challenges, including poor efficiency, variable cell type heterogeneity, and lengthy, expensive differentiation procedures. Recent studies have demonstrated that human neurons can be generated directly from human pluripotent stem cells with high efficiency and reproducibility through the constitutive expression of the transcription factor neurogenin 2 (Ngn2).

Precise insertion of tetracycline-inducible Ngn2 into human iPS cells at the safe-harbor locus, AAVS1, results in a stable iPSC line for rapid neuronal differentiation upon induction. We at Alstem developed a highly responsive doxycycline inducible Ngn2-expressing human iPS cell line, which is ideal for in vitro rapid neuronal differentiation. Alstem’s doxycycline inducible Ngn2-expressing iPS cell lines are produced from pre-made, footprint-free human iPS cells by inserting the inducible Ngn2 cassette into the human AAVS1 “Safe Harbor” site. Upon induction, Ngn2 is expressed and triggers the iPS cells to differentiate into excitatory neurons. These neurons are functional with morphologically complexity and electrophysiological activity. They can be used to understand neuron development and to model diseases, as well as provide a platform for drug screening.

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235 iP11N Human iPS Cells (inducible Ngn2)5x105 cells/vial $8,900.00 Add to Cart
244 iP11NA Human iPS Cells (All-in-one inducible Ngn2)5x105 cells/vial $8,900.00 Add to Cart
245 iP11NK iNgn2-dCas9-KRAB Human iPS Cells5x105 cells/vial $10,900.00 Add to Cart
246 iP11NV iNgn2-dCas9-VPR Human iPS Cells5x105 cells/vial $10,900.00 Add to Cart
294 iP16NA Human iPS Cells (Inducible Ngn2, ApoE4)5x105 cells/vial $14,900.00 Add to Cart
295 iP26NA Human iPS Cells (Inducible Ngn2, ApoE3)5x105 cells/vial $14,900.00 Add to Cart
296 iP36NA Human iPS Cells (Inducible Ngn2, ApoE knockout)5x105 cells/vial $14,900.00 Add to Cart
297 iP46NA Human iPS Cells (Inducible Ngn2, ApoE2)5x105 cells/vial $14,900.00 Add to Cart
316 iP26DN Human iPS Cells (Inducible A-N, ApoE3)5x105 cells/vial $11,988.00 Add to Cart
317 iP26MN Human iPS Cells (Inducible NIL, ApoE3)5x105 cells/vial $11,988.00 Add to Cart

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