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Virus Production Reagents

Through years of experience with lentiviral and retroviral production, we have developed our own proprietary virus packaging systems and efficient protocols for generation of high quality pseudoviral particles. A suite of products has been developed for researchers to package their own viruses. These products include: Transfection reagent, lentiviral expression vectors, lentiviral reporter plasmids, viral packaging mixes, virus precipitation solution and other reagents. In addition to these products, we provide virus packaging services to the scientific community as well, please check our website for more details.

Product List

ID Catalog# Name Unit Unit Price (USD) Actions
25 VP100 Lentiviral Packaging Mix200 uL $492.00 Add to Cart
26 VP200 Retroviral Packaging Mix200 ul $492.00 Add to Cart
27 V020 TransPlus Virus Transduction Enhancer100 uL $151.20 Add to Cart
28 VB100 ViralBoost Reagent1 mL $252.00 Add to Cart
29 VF010 Virus Protection Medium100 uL $151.20 Add to Cart
30 VF050 Virus Protection Medium500 uL $498.00 Add to Cart
31 VC200 Retrovirus Precipitation Reagent100 mL $277.20 Add to Cart
32 VC225 Retrovirus Precipitation Reagent250 mL $618.00 Add to Cart
33 VC250 Retrovirus Precipitation Reagent500 mL $1,164.00 Add to Cart
116 VC100 Lentivirus Precipitation Solution100 mL $277.20 Add to Cart
117 VC125 Lentivirus Precipitation Solution250 mL $618.00 Add to Cart
118 VC150 Lentivirus Precipitation Solution500 mL $1,164.00 Add to Cart
119 V050 TransPlus Virus Transduction Enhancer500 uL $238.80 Add to Cart

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