iPSC Kits

Induced pluripotent stem cells (also known as iPS cells or iPSCs) hold great promise in the field of regenerative medicine. Because they are not only similar to endogenous pluripotent stem cells with the capability of self-renewal and differentiation but also able to be generated from multiple cell types in the body (such as fibroblast and blood cells). Therefore, iPSCs are an invaluable resource for drug discovery, cell therapy, and basic research.

Since the pioneer method developed by Dr. Yamanaka in 2006, several methods have been developed to generate integration-free iPSCs, including adenovirus, Sendai virus, the piggyBac system, minicircle vector, episomal vectors, direct protein delivery and synthesized mRNA. However, the somatic cell reprogramming to iPSC is a comprehensive and reagents-sensitive process. Without the optimized reagents and method, the efficiency in generating iPSC is quite low.

We provide two easy-to-use and highly efficient iPSC reprogramming kits, episomal iPSC reprogramming kit and retrovirus iPSC reprogramming kit. With these fully optimized reprogramming kits, you will generate desired iPSC from different somatic cell types with high success rate.

The features of our iPSC reprogramming kit:
  • Easy to use and high efficiency
  • Flexible in source cell selection and culture systems (with feeder or feeder-free)
  • Fully-optimized and does not require addition of small molecules
  • Safe for all stages of your research from basic research to pre-clinical research

Product List

ID Catalog# Name Unit Unit Price (USD) Actions
214 M500 EZStem Gelatin100 mL $110.88 Add to Cart
213 M100 EZStem Enzyme-free Stem Cell Dissociation Solution100 mL $110.88 Add to Cart
212 M050 EZStem Stem Cell Freezing Medium50 mL $194.32 Add to Cart
23 RF101 Retrovirus iPSC Reprogramming Kit1 Kit $1,117.76 Add to Cart
22 RF202 Human iPS Cell Reprogramming Episomal Kit1 Kit $733.60 Add to Cart

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