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Custom Solutions

We provide other customer solutions catering to individual customer’s specific needs and research applications, for example, Custom Cell Line Expansion and Banking, and Molecular Cloning. Should you have a need for other services, please CONTACT US.

Custom Cell Line Expansion

Bulk quantities of frozen cells are advisable to decrease the variations caused by passage numbers, senescence and other viabilities. This is important for large scale screening to ensure consistency and standardization during the course of a project.

Based on our experiences culturing a variety of cell lines, we provide cell line expansion services that include:

  • Small to large scale expansion (25-200 vials per cell line or more)
  • Custom aliquot sizes and cryopreservation. You can simply thaw, seed, and run your experiments.
  • Reliable high post thaw cell viability and sterility.
  • Mycoplasma testing.

Custom Cell Line Banking

We provide biological repository management services to universities, research institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies or anyone who wants to outsource the secure storage of cell culture collections.

Advantage of banking with us:

  • Simplify the exchange of cell lines and their associated information to laboratories around the world.
  • Collects, stores, record-keeping and distributes cell lines for research and development. Individuals and organizations can deposit their own cell cultures, and we provide a secure back-up for valuable biomaterials.
  • Retain secure samples of patented materials and distribute them according to instructions and approval of the patent holder.
  • Cell lines can be linked to peer-reviewed manuscript or preprint. Scientists will be directed to cite your article in future publications.
  • Cells are sent out within 24 hours (except weekend and holidays) when a request is placed by researcher.
  • Cells are banked in bar coded vials for our customers to help integrate with their systems.
  • Cell line authentication when needed.

Molecular cloning

ALSTEM molecular biologists can help you in plasmid design and cloning.

We can accommodate wide-ranging project requirements. Just tell us what you need and we will provide a custom proposal on your cloning project to meet your goal.

Our cloning services include:

  1. Subclone of gene of interest into vectors.
  2. PCR gene of interest with selected restriction enzymes and subclone into vectors.
  3. Generate site-directed mutagenesis to create point mutations, small insertions, or deletions in your gene of interest.
  4. Create customized sequences such as peptide tags at the N or C terminus of your gene of interest.
  5. Midiprep/Scale-up service provided upon request.

Advantages of our cloning services

  • Applicable plasmid maps and sequences are sent for your approval at the start
  • Completed plasmids are verified by sequence analysis
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Express cloning service with our pLenti reporter or expression vectors.
  • Flexibility: PCR/Subclone/Synthesize and clone any DNA sequence into our standard vector or your vector of choice
  • Delivery of purified plasmid DNA construct, vector map and sequences

Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs and to receive a proposal.