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Cell Line Gene Modification Service Request Form

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Cell Line Information

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Additional information

Origin of the cells (e.g., skin biopsy), passage number, age of donor, morphology under microscope, growth, etc.

Please provide information on whether the cell line has been genetically modified. If so, what is the modification method (e.g., lentiviral vector)?

Are the cells normal karyotype (diploid)?
Are the cells adherent or suspension cells in culture?
Have you previously transfected these cells?
Can cells be expanded from a single cell?

Culture Conditions

Split Instructions
Type of culture medium (please ship some medium and growth factors with the cells)
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Shipping samples - Instructions

  1. Pathogen Test (Required):
    • Cells must be recently tested with NEGATIVE result for mycoplasma and all pathogens. Send ALSTEM pathogen test results performed to
  2. Cell Preparation
    • Ship the active cells in two or three (2 – 3) x T-75 flasks at 70% confluence or 2 million frozen cells in cryovials.
    • Provide enough media for 2-4 weeks of culturing.
  3. Shipping Instructions
    • Prior to the shipment of active cultures, fill up the T-75 flasks with warmed media, tighten the caps and seal with parafilm (use a non-filtered cap to prevent leakage).
    • Wrap flasks with absorbent material to keep them from moving and to provide insulation.
    • Pack flasks securely in a Styrofoam box.
    • Ship the flasks at room temperature.
    • Label, and ship FEDEX OVERNIGHT to:
    • ALSTEM
      2600 Hilltop Drive
      Building B Suite C328
      Richmond, CA 94806, USA
      Your PO#

  4. Please provide us your tracking# after shipment