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Human iPS Cells (Inducible NIL, ApoE3)

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ALSTEM offers human iPS cell line with inducible expression of NGN2, ISL1, and LHX3 by doxycycline (Dox). This cell line is generated from pre-made footprint-free human iPS cells (cat#iPS26, ApoE3 isoform) with the inducible NGN2, ISL1, and LHX3 stably integrated into the human AAVS1 “Safe Harbor” site. It provides a convenient means to differentiate human iPS cells to lower motor neurons rapidly and efficiently. The integration at “Safe Harbor” sites
ensures safe and reliable expression of NGN2, ISL1, and LHX3 when Dox is supplied.

  • Highly responsive doxycycline inducible iPS cell line
  • Ideal for in vitro rapid lower motor neuronal differentiation

Overexpression of the transcription factors Islet-1 (ISL1) and LIM Homeobox 3 (LHX3) along with Neurogenin 2 (NGN2) promotes direct differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to functional lower motor neurons. AAVS1 (also known as PPP1R12C) locus supports robust and sustained transgene expression. Precise insertion of tetracycline inducible NGN2, ISL1 and LHX3 (NIL) into human iPS cells at AAVS1 site could generate a stable iPSC line for rapid lower motor neuron differentiation upon induction.

The highly responsive doxycycline inducible NIL-expressing human iPS cell line (cat#iP26MN) is developed from pre-made footprint-free human iPS cells (cat# iPS26, ApoE3 isoform) by integrating the all-in-one inducible LHX3, ISL1, and NGN2 cassette into the human AAVS1 “Safe Harbor” site. This cell line is ideal for rapid in vitro neuronal differentiation.

An all-in-one cassette consisting of both inducible LHX3, ISL1 and NGN2 and constitutive M2rtTA has been inserted into one of the AAVS1 alleles by gene editing through HDR pathway, while the other allele remains intact. Upon induction, NGN2, ISL1, and LHX3 are expressed and the iPS cells will be directly differentiated into lower motor neurons.
Upon doxycycline treatment, inducible NIL iPS cells differentiate to motor neurons. Nine days after Dox treatment, the majority of cells have converted to motor neurons (HB9 positive) with extensive growth of axons and dendrites.
Product Name Human iPS Cells (Inducible NIL, ApoE3)
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Storage and Stability

Store in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen immediately upon receipt. This product is stable for 6 months when stored as directed.

Quality Control

Human iPS cells (inducible NIL, ApoE3) were grown in feeder-free conditions with mTeSR1 medium. Each lot of hiPSCs is tested for growth and viability following recovery from cryopreservation. In addition, each lot is tested for expression of TRA-1-60 and OCT4.

Restricted Use

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.